Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somber Sunrise on Pensacola Beach

The smell of oil was thick this early Sunday morning as my daughters and I took a somber sunrise walk on Pensacola Beach. The tar balls are getting larger, and more numerous. I wondered if they had made their way into Pensacola Bay and if they were hitting the shores of Gulf Breeze yet...

The BP cleaning crews were out already, picking up the tar balls and blobs.

This little crab seemd to be suspiciously eyeing the tar balls coming in with the surf. I silently apologized to him, and to the shore birds diving into the waves to catch their breakfasts.

As we left, although we thought we were very careful to avoid stepping on tar balls, we all had gooey tar on the soles of our feet.


  1. This leaves me speechless with sorrow. And I fear it will only get worse.

  2. Praying for our beautiful beaches and the people who live there and the fish that swim there.