Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida

There is no more "shoreline" at Shoreline Park this morning! Tropical Storm Ida blew in overnight, and the storm surge has pushed the waters of Santa Rosa Sound up over the beach and into the parking lot.


  1. Wow, was it safe to be out? I see the trees blowing in the pictures!

    Well, so much for a day at the beach...

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. Everyone everywhere is just so thankful that it downgraded to a TS and didn't do more damage.

    Glad you're safe (and can return soon to regular pix of your gorgeous part of the state!!)

  3. This is amazing for the rest of us to see up close and personal the effects of the storm. Thank you so much for posting these. Be careful down there.

  4. Frankly, I think the parking lot looks a lot better covered with water, LOL!

    You mean you didn't get the shot of the boat capsized! This means I have first dibs?